For those who are not used to online shopping, e-commerce platforms can be a scary place. The typical paranoia new online shoppers face include questions like, ‘What if the item I purchase doesn’t arrive like how it was showcased?’  or ‘What if I make the payment and the item never arrives?’

And of course, we can’t forget the most important question all Malaysians worry about,

‘What if I get scammed?’

Thankfully, Shopee has taken to their platform to share a set of comprehensive guidelines on how to avoid the various scammers that may be lurking on their site.

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They wrote, “Don’t be an easy target for scammers! Shopee wants to bring you the best buying and selling experience. Don’t let scammers ruin it – stay alert with these scam examples.”

12 scam methods that every online shopper should look out for

They included 12 different scam methods so that customers can look…

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