Police and UPS were able to recover $20,000 in cash a Lake County resident shipped to a scammer recently. | Provided Photo

The sheriff’s office is warning residents in Lake County about an elaborate online scam that caused one Lake County resident to send $20,000 in cash to a scammer.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said in a social media post on Saturday that the resident recently made a report with a sheriff’s deputy that they had been scammed into sending $20,000 cash to an individual posing as a PayPal employee.

The victim, the deputy and the UPS shipping store worked together to ultimately recover the package, which police said was unusual to be able to recover the funds. “Most of the time the victim’s money is not recovered.”

The sheriff’s office explained that the scam involves the person receiving an email, text message or phone call indicating an account of theirs, such as a bank account, PayPal account or…

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