Our board members at McLouth Waterfront Alliance (MWA) recently were among more than 350 people who participated in the virtual public meeting hosted by the Wayne County Facility Inclusion Committee (WCFIC) to review the city of Riverview’s proposal to expand the Riverview Land Preserve landfill.

It was well worth the investment of time and effort; the outcome of the meeting was a solid victory for those who want to improve this region of Downriver.

If we had looked to the past, we may have believed that the WCFIC meeting would highlight a rivalry between Riverview and Trenton residents. As it turns out, residents from both communities want the same outcomes – a cleaner environment, recession-proof jobs, and properly funded municipal services.

Every Downriver community has its own unique needs. And at the end of the day, MWA knows we’re all in this together.

It’s time for public and private sector leaders, and people across…

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