The debate over coronavirus precautions and school reopening has fueled a surge of new candidates for school boards across the country.

Why it matters: What was traditionally a nonpartisan, hyper-local role is now at center of a swirling national political debate. Conservative and progressive parents have clashed over when and how to reopen classrooms — and it’s pushed some of them to run for office themselves.

“Historically, we’ve actually seen where some school board seats have gone uncontested — sometimes for years — and now we’re seeing multiple candidates for seats,” National School Boards Association CEO Anna Maria Chávez told Axios.

  • “This is something that we’ve seen during the pandemic because, again, every kitchen table has become a public school classroom.”

More people are “looking to express their political fervor in all different avenues,” Troy Flint, Chief Information Officer for the California School Boards…

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