Online Shopping is wrought with scam potential

Online shopping was already on the rise, but the pandemic has cemented it as the go-to shopping option for many of us. Scammers have followed us online and have constructed many ways to deceive us into sharing money or sensitive personal information.

How It Works:
An online ad promotes great prices for in-demand products — including personal protective equipment and N95 masks, as well as other top name-brand products. Someone in your social network (such as on Facebook) posts about an amazing online sale that he just got a great deal on. Another pathway is you get an email or text with a link to take you to an absolutely outstanding deal.

What You Should Do:
Scammers are behind all of this — with the singular goal of stealing from you by coercing you to share sensitive information or by introducing malicious software onto your device to harvest your logins and other…

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