Most of the time, state officials don’t reveal how many people have been scammed. But it’s obviously enough for the WA State Attorney General’s office (WSAG) to issue a warning.

On the heels of “Lance R” being chosen as the first of four Shot in The Arm vaccine lottery winners, the WSAG has issued warnings to citizens.

While the Lottery folks primarily contact such winners by phone, and ask for email or other details so they can send them a winning claim form and other necessary paperwork, they will never ask for personal banking or account information–or a SSN.

Apparently a number of persons around the state have been duped into giving up personal information, and likely been scammed, because they got a call from a “lottery official” who said they won.

These scammers, says the AG’s office, tell the person they need personal banking and account information as well as SSN, so they can ‘deposit’ the winnings.

The AG’s office says any call…

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