Investments can bring some risks to some extent, but that doesn’t mean getting scammed should be one of them. With the value of bitcoin skyrocketing in recent months, budding investors are eager to join in on the action, which puts them into a vulnerable position against a slew of scammers who are trying to lure people into bogus investment offers in record numbers.

From China’s crackdown on mining operations on its mainland and some crypto exchanges going dark to hackers orchestrating the world’s largest cryptocurrency heists, the crypto industry has had a hard few months, and another fraud case from Turkey has recently surfaced.

A suspect named Turgut V. has gone missing after collecting 1 billion TL ($119,140,730) worth of Dogecoin from about 1,500 people. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke to mock the rampant speculation in cryptocurrencies at the time, and despite its satirical origin, some consider it a…

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