South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics is gearing up for artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in home appliances to create a personalised experience for customers.

“Our world looks different now and many of you face a new reality, where your home has taken on a greater significance,” Sebastian Seung, president and head of research at Samsung Electronics, said in a virtual conference.

“Our innovations are designed to provide a more personal and intuitive experience that expresses the user’s personality, with AI as the core enabler.”

People spent more time at home last year following the outbreak and they have engaged more in connected solutions to make life easier at home.

TVs are vital for entertainment, while Chromebooks are crucial parts of home learning tools, he said. Smart fridges are useful for remote shopping and meal preparation.

Mr Seung said it is leveraging its seven global AI research centres to advance technology.

By bringing AI to its products, Samsung is creating new home experiences — from washing machines that optimise water usage, detergents and wash cycles, to TVs with a Quantum AI Processor that can upscale high-definition (HD) content into 8K resolution.

Samsung also embraces AI in its JetBot 90 vacuum cleaner that uses object recognition and 3D sensors that avoid cables, small objects and pets. The item is integrated with SmartThings app to assist home owners with home monitoring, he said. The product will also be introduced in Thailand.

Samsung also demonstrated a robotics line-up such as Samsung Bot Care able to act as both a robotic assistant and companion, helping to take care of the details in life, he said. It will also learn a user’s schedule and habits and send reminders.

In addition, Samsung Bot Handy will rely on advanced AI to recognise and pick up objects of varying size, shape and weight, becoming an extension of users and helping with work around the house.

In the future, Samsung is in the process of developing other tangible applications of AI technologies for daily life, said Mr Seung.

Samsung is continuing to build on its Samsung Bot Retail, which would guide users outside the home in retail environments, and GEMS, Samsung’s health-focused exoskeleton as a mobility aide that is still in clinical trial.

These innovations allow robots and robotic devices to co-exist with humans, enhancing their lives and catering to a variety of lifestyles and different environments, he said.

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