[Courtesy of Samsung Display ]

SEOUL — An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology used for a foldable display in Samsung Electronics’ new smartphone, Galaxy Z Fold 3, improves the panel’s transmittance rate by 33 percent and consumes up to 25 percent less power compared to previous versions with a traditional polarizer. The result is a brighter screen that drains less battery.

Since a traditional polarizer adds a dark layer of film on top of the panel, devices require more light and power to effectively display, with the transmittance rate reduced by over 50 percent. Samsung Display, a flat panel maker affiliated with Samsung Electronics, has unveiled its new OLED technology called “Eco2 OLED.”

Samsung Display said the new OLED technology minimizes reflection by leveraging its innovative pixel structure and eliminates the need for an additional polarizer layer, which is an opaque plastic sheet…

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