It’s 2022 and for the last two years, it seems like the world has thrown everything it can at us — not to mention that a lot of awareness and fundraising is happening on the internet. But how do you know that what comes from your wallet goes to where it needs to?

“If it’s $5, $50, $5,000, you want to make sure that it’s going to benefit those individuals that are in need of those funds,” said Utica University Graduate Cyber Security Program Director Andrew Carr.

Carr said being mindful of best practices when vetting online charity organizations is more important than ever, as cyberscams are on the rise nationwide and as more people around the globe reach for help.

“A lot of the tell-tale signs or similar things that you would find when you’re doing online shopping and looking for legitimate sites, obviously, you know, HTTP versus HTTPS, right. So the ‘S’ signifies a secure encrypted connection,” said Carr. 

Whether it’s…

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