WASHINGTON — From Boston to Austin, from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been the undisputed queen of the tote bag for left-leaning Americans looking to show their support for women’s empowerment or opposition to former President Donald Trump.

But Trump is now out of office and as independent bookstores, boutiques and cafes are reopening to serve up lattes and a little impulse buying after a year full of pandemic and politics, plus the death of Ginsburg, retailers are looking for who will be next to adorn kitsch.

Many up-and-coming politicos probably covet the unique spot Ginsburg holds in liberal hearts and tchotchkes. But according to the people who make and sell political books and baubles, it’s unclear who will take her place — or if liberals even want to keep broadcasting their politics on their air fresheners and keychains after so many years of all-consuming political consumption.

“I don’t…

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