Falling in love is a beautiful thing, according to Ontario Provincial Police. Falling victim is not.

That’s the underlying message from police after a Huron County senior lost $700,000 in a so-called romance scam. 

“It’s a staggering amount of money,” said Const. Jamie Stanley with Huron County OPP. “In my time as a police officer, I think that’s the most that I’ve seen for a particular victim in this particular type of scam.”

Investigators became aware of the incident Wednesday afternoon through the victim’s daughter, said Stanley.

Early stages of the investigation have revealed the victim met the alleged scammer online in 2018 through a popular social media messenger service.

Police say someone claimed to be a surgeon working for the United Nations and at one point used a ruse that he had been abducted by a terrorist entity and needed some money to pay off his ransom. Money was also sent to help with surgeries,…

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