From sexual companions to COVID-19 nurses, robots are increasingly dominating the human experience. 

They’re rolling into our everyday lives as digital sidekicks designed to more safely, efficiently and speedily take on our tasks. And while some bear humanlike appearances and mimic human emotions, they’re being programmed as our friends, not foes.

“There’s just no way robots can fully replace the human race,” Richtech Robotics spokesperson Miko Zhong told The Post. “Right now, there are too many technological limitations.”

The tech company created the autonomous robo-waiter, the Matradee. 

Invented to expedite food service at restaurants, the Matradee — which speaks several languages, tells jokes and sings “Happy Birthday” — can read QR-code orders and deliver meals from the kitchen to the customer. 

“These robots aren’t taking jobs away from waiters,” Zhong insisted….

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