With robotic surgery, a surgeon performs a procedure using a computer to manipulate small tools attached to a robotic arm. This allows minimally invasive surgical procedures to be done with more precision and accuracy.

Minimally invasive surgery uses several small incisions instead of the large incision required for traditional open surgery.

When a chest (thoracic) surgeon uses this technique to remove cancer from a lung, it’s called robotic surgery for lung cancer. Using this type of surgery for lung cancer helps limit the damage to lung tissue.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at robotic surgery for lung cancer, when it’s used, and the benefits of this type of procedure.

Robotic lung surgery was introduced in 2002. When it’s used to treat lung cancer, it’s called robotic assisted thoracic surgery (RATS).

Robotic lung surgery involves a cart with three or four robotic arms and a console that allows the surgeon to…

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