McCarthy has been vocal in his opposition to the move, threatening that “a Republican majority will not forget” which telecom companies comply with the committee’s request. The panel has also asked for McCarthy’s phone records to be preserved as part of the investigation.

Kinzinger said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the committee has “the legal authority to go through the process of requesting these kinds of things. Right now, all we’ve said is we want these records preserved.”

“To turn around then,” he said, “and make ominous talk to these telecom companies that, when we take over it’s going to be different or we’ll have payback, that’s not frankly the Republican Party I remember and the Republican Party I ever joined.”

Kinzinger said McCarthy’s comment was “bad politics.”

“Is it obstruction? I don’t know what is considered obstruction of a congressional investigation, but I would certainly…

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