RALEIGH, CHARLOTTE, DURHAM – Technology-enabled real estate companies, including those known as iBuyers, for making instant offers to purchase a homeowner’s property based on algorithms, are the most active in the Raleigh and Charlotte real estate markets, found a new analysis by Redfin on the current state of the national housing market.

The analysis tracked public records data on home purchases and sales from Redfin Now, Opendoor, Zillow Offers, Offerpad, and Bungalo.

According to the analysis, iBuyers are increasingly active in the real estate markets where they’ve set up operations, following a period in the second quarter of 2020 where very few transactions occurred, as companies paused purchasing operations in response to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic amidst uncertainty.


Entering, expanding in blazing Triangle housing market: real estate companies focusing on tech


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