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REPORT: Massive Sinkhole Opens In Parking Lot, Swallowing Up Cars » Asset Management Udemy

A massive sinkhole imploded in an empty parking lot of a hospital in Naples, Italy on Friday morning, leading to the swallowing up of three cars parked in the lot, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The 20-meter deep and 2000 square meter volume sinkhole consumed the three cars in the parking lot of Hospital of the Sea and led to a brief disruption of operations at the hospital before they were restored by backup systems, according to the AP.

A giant sinkhole has opened in the parking lot of a Naples, Italy, hospital. Hospital operations weren’t affected but the sinkhole forced the temporary closure of a nearby residence for recovering COVID-19 patients.

— The Associated Press (@AP) January 8, 2021

“Frankly, we were also worried about the collapse of all utilities and that the activity of the hospital could be jeopardized,” regional governor Vincenzo De Luca said. “Thank God, this did not happen. We had a power break, but electricity was restored and now we don’t have any problem in providing care.”

The sinkhole also disrupted utilities at a nearby residence that housed COVID-19 patients, leading to a temporary closure of this facility and a relocation of the six COVID-19 patients residing at this site, AP reported.

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