The global adoption of remote work may leave the rising powers in the East behind.

The big picture: Despite India’s and China’s economic might, these countries have far fewer remote jobs than the U.S. or Europe. That’s affecting the emerging economies’ resilience amid the pandemic.

Driving the news: 16% of jobs in China and 12% of jobs in India can be done remotely, per a new McKinsey Global Institute analysis of 800 jobs across several nations. Compare that with the 33%, 30% and 29% of jobs that be done from home in the U.K., Germany and the U.S., respectively.

  • That’s because a huge share of jobs in India and China are in in-person sectors, like manufacturing, agriculture and retail, Susan Lund, one of the report’s authors, tells me.
  • And even though the majority of jobs in the U.S. and Europe are also in-person jobs, these countries are much likelier to pursue a remote-heavy future of work than their Eastern counterparts.


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