East Room

1:44 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon.  Excuse me.  I’d like to start by saying a few words about the ransomware cyberattack currently impacting Colonial Pipeline.  This is something that my administration — our administration have been tracking extremely carefully.  And I have been perfectly — personally briefed every day.

The Department of Energy is working directly with Colonial to get the pipelines back online and operating at full capacity as quickly and safely as possible.

The FBI also is engaged to assess the — and address this attack.  The agencies across the government have attacked quifly — quickly to mitigate any impact on our fuel supply. 

And over the weekend, at my direction, the Department of Transportation issued an emergency order to loosen restrictions on truck drivers in order to allow more fuel to be transported via tanker.

We’re prepared to take additional steps,…

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