The sudden explosion in real estate sales in Camden County and the lake area, and the subsequent increase in value determined by supply and demand, has caused Camden County Assessor Marty McGuire to take a wait-and-see approach to reassessments.

By state law, assessor’s are required to reassess property values every two years.

“My approach is that I’m going to let the market settle out and take a closer look in 2023, the next reassessment year,” he explained.

He’s concerned that if he reassesses at possibly inflated valuations, then taxing entities could face serious budget challenges if the valuations suddenly drop if the real estate market drops.

Properties within five miles of the Lake of the Ozarks fall under Planning & Zoning regulation. The Camden County Planning & Zoning Department issues building permits for new construction and remodels. Building permits help the field appraisers to track changes in property which…

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