Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Aug. 30- Sept. 3:

White Oak Apartments, LLC to White Oak Equity Enterprises, LLC L1-B, Carriage House Development Replat, $22,000,000.

Kanis Realty, LLC to CF KL Assets 2019-2, LLC Ls23R,24R, 1R & 2R B11, Hicks Interurban; Ls19-21 B9, Ls25-26 B1, Ls7-12 & 16-17 B2, L15 B10, L22 B11, L15 B4, Ls13R, 14R & 7-10 B6, L16 B5, Hicks Interurban; Ls20A & 22A B15, Hicks Interurban Replat, $8,800,000.

Winrock International Institute For Agricultural Development to 2101 Riverfront Investments, LLC; Haile Lane, LLC, Lot RH-7A, Riverdale; Tract RH-7, Riverdale Replat Unrecorded, $5,300,000.

Black Water Meadows, LLC to 800 N. Vermont Ave., LLC, Lot B, Walgreen, $3,574,903.

4600 S. University, LLC to Atlas Auto Auction, LLC 4600, S. University Ave, Little Rock, Pt NE 24-1N-13W, $2,200,000.

5750 Commerce Sherwood, LLC to Making Advances, LLC, 5750 Commerce Court, Sherwood, Lot…

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