Welcome back to the Real Estate newsletter. If you had your pick of the litter, what would you choose: a sexy smart house in Beverly Hills, a sprawling estate in Beverly Park or a bulletproof compound in the Arizona desert?

Those are three of the most intriguing new listings up for grabs, and each boasts a notable owner. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the bulletproof option belongs to Steven Seagal, the action star behind the films “Hard to Kill” and “Today You Die.” Make sure to call first before you visit for the open house.

The Beverly Hills smart house belongs to Will Arnett, who had it designed in the style of famed modernist architect Ray Kappe. And the Beverly Park estate belonged to Sumner Redstone, the late media mogul who owned the palatial home for nearly two decades.

If you’re eyeing these homes or any others, you’ll probably have to compete aggressively for it. Housing reporter Andrew Khouri found that…

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