Small scale real-estate investors are less enthusiastic about the state of the U.S. housing market — and their reasons for worry largely mirror those of the average home buyer today, according to a new survey.

Real-estate data company RealtyTrac reported that 48% of individual real-estate investors view the investment market as being worse or much worse than it was a year ago, based on the results of a survey the company conducted. That’s up from 45% of investors in last year’s edition of the same survey.

RealtyTrac polled mom-and-pop investors who purchase between one to 10 properties a year — including both investors who flip the homes and those who hold onto them as rental units. These investors own most of the single-family rental properties in the country.

Flipping is becoming less prevalent

Notably, RealtyTrac found that a smaller share of investors in this edition of the survey…

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