Should the Scottish Government make a trip to Paris easier for Scots? (Photo by SAMEER AL-DOUMY/AFP via Getty Images)

I was treated like a second class citizen as the English are able to use their digital QR code to gain entry. As a result I had to have four tests while there, for which I had to pay, have my nose drilled and fill in onerous forms in French. These time-consuming, deeply unpleasant and expensive tests only give you a temporary QR code, which has to be renewed every few days. I’m glad I wasn’t there for a fortnight!Why did the First Minister not sort this out when the UK government did? She was quick enough to follow like a sheep and make France amber-plus when it was ludicrous to do so. Clearly she does not have the ability to think things through to their conclusion. God help us.

Rosie Playfair, Edinburgh

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