I was chatting with an appraiser the other day about our market. He was appraising my seller’s home — a home that had no real comparables, Active, Pending, Sold or otherwise.

We both shrugged and I pulled out the sheet of properties I used to figure out where to price my seller’s home. Using those properties takes a lot of adding and subtracting. But the bigger factor is what appraisers have been noting on their reports as “COVID conditions.”

Even the real estate market has been infected.

As a Realtor, when a seller calls, I look at the seller’s property and then I look at properties similar to the seller’s. I add for upgrades, curb appeal, location, etc.

Many factors go into determining market price for a property. One of the biggest considerations currently, and yes even gut feeling, is the effect of the COVID conditions.

From the first of the year through May, I would put a home on the market on a Thursday or Friday and…

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