A rise in imposter scams in recent weeks has prompted Vermont’s Attorney General Office to remind Vermonters to be on the lookout for fraudulent phone and online claims.

Among the scams that have occurred the most recently are the grandparent scam in which a scammer claims to be a grandchild in distress and in search of money; the romance scam, in which a person fabricates an online relationship and eventually seeks financial support.

VT Labor Dept.: Watch out for text scams for unemployment insurance

Other lesser-known but gradually increasing scams include the puppy sale scam, where a scammer may post photos of pets they claim are for sale online, and the law enforcement scam, where a person will make threats while posing as a police officer or government official.

People who receive calls or emails they suspect are scams should not provide any personal information or send payment.

The Federal Communications Commission also…

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