IF you have ever received a spam text or email, it is likely your private details are being sold on the secretive “dark web”.

Criminals are flogging millions of people’s personal data — including email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, date of birth and even full credit card details — all for as little as 98p.


With criminals flogging millions of people’s personal data, we give you advice on how to safeguard your personal informationCredit: Getty

The data is normally stolen by hackers targeting companies with weaknesses in their security systems.

It is then sold on the dark web, the shadowy part of the internet not indexed by search engines.

A total of £1.7billion has been lost to scams over the past year, according to Action Fraud.

Hackers steal such huge amounts of data that two in three people using a new data-breach checking tool found their own private information for sale online.

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