I hope I’m not (but fear I might be) becoming a sort of caricature of a never-Trumper. 

I’m trying to move on, but often have trouble not obsessing on what I view as the threat posed not just by Trump but also the 40 percent or so of the electorate that cling to Trumpism with such ferocious devotion that it blots out the sun when they look at the sky and a great many inconvenient truths when they turn to politics (and not just politics per se, but to their entire feeling about what America is, where it is heading, what the key challenges are that it faces and what to do about those challenges).

There are several ways to approach those questions, and I got some new insights from a perhaps under-covered poll by an outfit called Echelon Insights. 

Although the poll was conducted in late January (and it would be interesting to see whether the same result would be produced now that the presidential transition has occurred…

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