One can deeply disagree with what Republicans stand for, but at the same time acknowledge that politically the party is in about as good of a position as it has been since 2010 when Republicans last took over Congress. In fact, Republicans are in a better position than they were that year.

Let’s look at the ways.

Republicans in the US House are united

Before the 2020 election, one of the major dynamics in American politics was the split among House Republicans. For a quick refresher, there was the Republican House leadership, many of whom came to power during the Tea Party wave, and they were being challenged from the right by the Freedom Caucus, who were often the biggest supporters of Donald Trump.

No one is talking much about the Freedom Caucus these days. And that isn’t just because Republicans aren’t in power, but because House Republicans are defined by one thing: the impeachment vote of Trump earlier in the year. There are…

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