Rock-throwing crowds angry over government mishandling of a spike in COVID-19 cases triggered the dismissal of Tunisia’s parliament this week, in what opponents call a “coup” by the country’s president.

Amid clouds of tear gas, demonstrators clashed with police in Paris on Saturday over proposed laws forcing all health-care workers to be inoculated, while thousands of “freedom” protesters filled the streets of Australia over a renewed lockdown. 

From South Africa to Cuba, Haiti to Lebanon, we are seeing some of the biggest riots, protests and challenges to governments in decades. And many seem to be sparked by the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus and government attempts to contain it.

Dr. Prabhat Jha, director of the Centre for Global Health Research in Toronto, calls it a “perfect storm” of grievances ignited by the catastrophe of COVID.

WATCH | Tunisians protest, country’s president dismisses parliament:

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