Many Americans have been eager for the possibility of another stimulus check from the government as the Delta Variant of the coronavirus continues to drive a surge in cases and fears of potential forced shutdowns once again. However, unless they already knew of certain payments coming from other federal aid programs or state aid, those who think they’re getting more money could be in for a rude awakening, as a rise in scams regarding stimulus checks have been leading many on.

After a prank in July which stated the government would be sending $2,500 payments, another rumor surfaced in August which suggested $7,000 payments could be going out, leading to many doing searches on Google to see if such checks were being deposited. These may not have been the only scams, however, as the Internal Revenue Service has seen a surge in when it comes to reported scams, according to The Hill.

The IRS reported a record number of reports about such…

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