If you have been connected to the Internet in the last year, it is very likely that within your network of contacts on Facebook and WhatsApp you have come across a member of the controversial Trust Investing “crypto asset investment platform.”

Under the slogan “In Trust I trust,” digital finance enthusiasts seek to multiply profits and add their acquaintances to what seems to be a solution—almost magical—to achieve financial freedom: the promise of more than 200% return on the initial investment in 10 months.

In Cuba, with an economy increasingly affected and aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the promise of generating passive income seduces thousands of people, who have joined Trust Investing. Several experts have described the scheme as a Ponzi scam, alluding to the famous case of Carlos Ponzi in the United States, who paid his initial investors with the money of the new investors. A system that is mathematically…

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