To the Editor:

Re “This Is How Theocracy Shrivels,” by David Brooks (column, Aug. 28):

Mr. Brooks might want to look closer to home. In America the religious right might not be gaining new adherents, but its political influence has never been greater. Abortion opponents finally have the Supreme Court majority they’ve been longing for. The G.O.P.’s hard-right turn has propelled white Christian nationalism into the spotlight. And as the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol shows, these people are willing to use violence to impose their views on the nation.

The problem is not Islamic extremism; the problem is the politicization of religion. And as theocratic regimes wither in the Muslim world, religious zealots are mobilizing in Western democracies.

Stephen Newman
The writer is an associate professor of politics at York University.

To the Editor:

Thank you, David Brooks, for focusing on what we have succeeded in doing against…

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