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Lilliana Mason is a political scientist at Johns Hopkins University and the author of the 2018 book “Uncivil Agreement — How Politics Became Our Identity.” And “Uncivil Agreement” is a touchstone book for me. For my money, it’s one of the most important books on politics published in the last decade. But it’s come out a little bit ago, so the work for it was done before even that, right, before even 2018, and a lot has happened. And so I wanted to have Mason on the show to talk through how her thinking on political identity changed across the expanse of the Trump era and into this era, into the Biden era.

One animating thought for this conversation: I talk a lot about polarization. I wrote a book on polarization, “Why We’re Polarized,” out in paperback now. My book is very influenced by Mason’s book. But something…

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