This wasn’t the first, nor it will be the last, such attack. However, certain details made cybersecurity experts worried: First, hackers used a zero-day exploit, i.e. a yet unknown flaw in the code, to execute their attack. Second, they targeted a company that isn’t as valuable a target as a bank, for example, but has a strategic significance due to its connection with the companies it serves.

According to experts, independent hackers are upping their game, employing advanced tools and strategies, acting like elite government-backed hackers, rather than mere criminals.

While I don’t necessarily disagree with this assessment, I can’t help but wonder if these experts have underestimated the global hacker community? Also, it is as if they’re not aware of the state and rapid growth of global data infrastructure.

Globalization and unification

We live in the era where digital globalization and unification have reached…

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