COLORADO SPRINGS — In 2020, tens of thousands of complaints were sent to the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker. Working with consumer protection experts, News5 now has the data to help us understand what the organization has identified as the riskiest scam out there right now.

More than a million people visited the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker website last year and as a sign of the times more than half of the people who filed scam reports say they were buying more things online because of the pandemic.

As a result, the Scam Tracker data from 2020 identified online purchase scams as the riskiest scam going right now. Online purchase scam reports made up 38% of the overall BBB scam tracker reports last year. Most victims were ages 18 to 54 losing on average $96 in each of these reports.

Adah Rodriguez from the BBB of Southern Colorado says online consumers are often making the same mistakes when they fall into this…

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