Advanced, flexible cooperation models delivered by one-stop CLIA solution can boost government industrialization plans, laboratory technology updates, reagent R&D and localization, and even more investment flows to the industry COVID-19 NAb Test CLIA Solution coupled with COVID-19 Ag Self Test to form a powerful stride for pandemic control

DONGGUAN, China, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Emerging markets such as Brazil, India and Russia are gradually adopting CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay) systems in recent years due to the high prevalence of chronic diseases. However, drawbacks like closed CLIA systems based on specific methodologies or reagent kits, deployment costs, long R&D time have hindered the industry transformation.

Through the One-Stop CLIA Solution that offers flexible, efficient, affordable cooperation models to fulfil business objectives at government, corporation and individual levels, Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon Biotech) aims to drive the industry development of emerging markets.  The One-Stop Solution includes open instruments and resources, which can facilitate government plans to drive industrialization. Laboratory users can complete the technology update from ELISA to CLIA in capturing new market opportunities. Plus the choice of 1200+ reagent raw materials and multiple mature reagents, reagent manufacturers can attain product localization with less cost and time. Finally, it supports investors to enter the market rapidly, driving investment flows to reinforce the healthcare system.

The One-Stop CLIA Solution brings in the COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody (NAb) Test, one of the indispensable tools to assess immune response after vaccination. This product can achieve high-throughput quantitative detection with a high correlation to FDA EUA NAb Test and the gold standard plaque reduction neutralization test. Alongside the NAb test, the COVID-19 Ag Selt Test was also launched for disease containing.

Fapon Biotech products and services are highly integrated to promote synergic resources and shared values to different healthcare systems. With an outstanding track record of helping IVD partners in product development and localization, the cooperation through the One-Stop CLIA Solution will assist partners in completing transformations, lowering operation costs, and driving innovations into businesses.

About Fapon Biotech

Fapon Biotech was founded in 2001. Guided by the mission of “Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable”, the company focuses on the future needs


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