OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Cryptocurrency has become a hot investment but here’s a warning about giving your money to the wrong people.

Con artists are hacking social media accounts and pitch a good deal as your friend then they use unsuspecting investors to lure in others who lose money.

An Instagram message from a friend convinced Ariana Castanon to invest $500 in Bitcoins.

“Oh, such a hot craze I want to make fast money. I’m a broke student right now going to nursing school so I’m like ok maybe this will help me out.”

But the message came from scammers pretending to be a trusted person. A Metro Community College cyber security expert suspects how the Instagram account got hacked.

“You need to log in to verify your user name and password otherwise your account will be shut off. If they see anything like that then they need to verify if it’s legitimate or not,” said Gary Sparks, MCC cyber security.

Not only fooled by scammers…

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