Abdul Kareem Buri and his family climbed mountains, crossed deserts, braved bandits and snuck past the itchy fingers of armed border guards from several nations to make their way from their war-stricken village in the northernmost reaches of Afghanistan to this lakeside town in Turkey.

But now, having made it from his Taliban-controlled village in northern Afghanistan to relative safety, he and his family find themselves trapped, short of financial resources, and living in the shadows in this eastern Turkish city near the Iranian border.

“It was very difficult, and when we arrived we spent three days living on the streets,” he says. “But we can never go back home.”

A world exasperated by refugees and the fallout of humanitarian crises is coldly brushing off Afghans fleeing war, political repression and grinding poverty in their country. The governments of Iran, Turkey and Greece – the countries Afghan migrants have several…

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