Bitcoin has always had its naysayers. From the day it was born in January of 2009, some people have refused to become BTC believers, one of which is Nouriel Roubini – playfully known as “Dr. Doom” for his angry and negative sentiment towards bitcoin.

Nouriel Roubini Still Hates BTC

As the largest cryptocurrency in the world, bitcoin has garnered quite a few fans over the past 12 years, but Roubini is not feeling the love that others are experiencing, and today is no exception. At a recent conference, Roubini came out to claim that bitcoin was not only a bubble, but also a “huge scam.” He also went so far as to say that bitcoin, along with many other digital assets that have emerged over the years, are not currencies at all.

He said:

I have gone to many crypto conferences where if you essentially sign up for it, you have to pay for it in dollars or Swiss francs. Not bitcoin.

In addition, he says that…

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