A former New Jersey lawyer who claims a lifelong gambling addiction began when he was just six years old, has pled guilty to scamming an investor out of millions in a scheme involving Eagles season ticket holders.

Frank N. Tobolsky, 59, of Cherry Hill, admitted he took $2.4 million dollars from a Delaware man, convincing him he had a loan business that targeted season ticket holders of the Philadelphia Eagles. The loans, he claimed, would have the season ticket holders putting up their tickets and seat licenses as collateral.

However, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Rachael Honig said Tobolsky used the money for personal expenses, including casino gambling.

Beginning in 2013, Tobolsky raised money from a victim, purportedly as an investment that would loan money to season ticket holders who owned seat licenses for the Philadelphia Eagles. The seat licenses would be used as collateral to secure the loans. The victim sent Tobolsky approximately…

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