SINGAPORE – A new variant of phishing scams using spoofed SMS messages to target bank customers has been making its rounds, say the police.

It contributed to 374 reported cases involving losses totalling about $1.07 million between January and May this year.

In a statement on Saturday (July 10), the police said victims of this latest scam variant would typically be informed that there were payment attempts detected from their bank accounts. Such messages would then urge victims to click on the link provided in the same message if they did not make the transactions.

When victims click on the link, they would be led to a phishing website that resembles the official website of a bank, requesting their personal particulars, Internet banking details and one-time passwords (OTPs).

“As the scammers had spoofed the bank’s SMS accounts, the scammers’ message might appear in the same SMS conversation thread as a bona fide SMS message from…

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