MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It can be terrifying calling 911 in an emergency, especially when you don’t have an address to give. But new technology called what3words can now pinpoint emergency calls in seconds using an app or a text straight to your cellphone.

Last April, a pair of Los Angeles hikers ventured off a trail and got lost, and what3words led rescuers to their exact location.

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A dispatcher told the hikers they’d receive a text message with a link, and they should click the link and read the three words on the screen. Those were “heavy,” “send” and “career.”

Within seconds, LA Fire pinpointed the remote site. The new technology divides the entire globe into 57 trillion 10-by-10-foot squares, each with its own unique set of three random words as its address.

“Right now, we can see the dot on the map, but without what3words, we can’t describe it in English. We have to use…

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