New technology is working to prevent thick, blue-green gunk from growing in our vital water. The system is up and running to treat dangerous algae blooms.

A machine called a nanobubble generator is working in Pahokee Marina at Lake Okeechobee Thursday. It’s being used to help prevent another water crisis.

The machine releases tiny oxygen bubbles into Lake Okeechobee to reduce and prevent blue-green algae. The bubbles are so small they can’t be seen.

The question is does this cutting-edge technology actually work.

“We’ve been invited to partner with Florida Gulf Coast University to install and test our nanobubble generators here in Pahokee Marina,” said Eli Kersh, the director of Surface Water Treatment for Moleaer.

Moleaer is the company behind the nanobubble generator. Kersh is confident the technology will work against blue-green algae.

“A nanobubble…

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