AMSTERDAM, Oct. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a new study by ScamAdviser, of 4,300+ consumers, scammers reach nearly everybody. 62% of the survey participants are certain that they have been exposed to a scam in the last year. The main reason consumers get scammed? Hubris! There is a huge gap between how good consumers think they are at identifying scams and the reality. 67% of the respondents who had been targeted by a scam said they had fallen for it. However, 71% of the respondents are (very) confident in identifying a scam.

42% approached more often by scammers

The number of scams is increasing. 42% stated being approached more often. Phishing (35%) is still the most reported ‘popular’ scam. But fraudulent (cryptocurrency) investment schemes (25%), unexpected wealth scams (24%) and, non-delivery of ordered products are gaining more and more ground.

Greed is not the most common cause

Consumers get…

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