Developers are looking at a new location for a Dollar General Store in Walnut Hill, which would be allowed under a recent zoning change.

The store would be located at 7100 Highway 97, on the north side of the intersection of South Highway 99. There are currently two residences on the 5.3 acre property, which is across the road from a former farm supply retail business.

The Escambia County future land use category of the property is Rural Community (RC), and is it currently zoned Rural Mixed Use (RMU).

Until an update approved unanimously by the Escambia County Commission on August 19, RMU zoning only allowed commercial buildings up to 6,000 square feet with no provision whatsoever to grant any exceptions to construct a larger commercial building.

Now, retail space up to 15,000 square feet is allowed. Properties zoned as RMU in Escambia County are typically located near rural community centers and most are not…

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