Directed by: Christoph Waltz

Starring: Christoph Waltz, Vanessa Redgrave, Annette Bening, Corey Hawkins

Available on YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Apple TV

Rated R, 99 minutes

Truth is often stranger than fiction, but that doesn’t mean the truth is a better story. “Georgetown,” based on a bizarre true story of deceit, power, and murder among Washington’s upper crust, is often compelling in its strangeness, but it’s also roundabout in its storytelling. It’s not a long movie, but a laborious narrative makes it feel longer.

Vanessa Redgrave and Christoph Waltz star in “Georgetown.” (Courtesy photo)

Christoph Waltz (“Inglourious Basterds”) here makes his directorial debut, also starring in the lead as self-made diplomat Ulrich Mott. Mott, with his German accent and mysterious past, climbs the Washington social ladder by marrying a wealthy older widow, Elsa Breht (Vanessa Redgrave, “Atonement”),…

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