SYRACUSE — As a favorite pastime, Gail Beaudry and her daughter Kylie spent a good chunk of the winter sharing their arts and crafts projects along with gardening tips and nutritious recipes on Etsy in hopes that they would secure some kind of following.

Though their time spent together on that focus made the entire venture worthwhile, the two felt certain that the e-commerce company would not be a seedbed for substantial business growth.

After tossing around ideas with Kylie during the month of March, Gail found herself out of town visiting colleagues of her husband Bob, when something clicked.

The colleagues’ granddaughter was there in the dining room hosting a party revolving around play versions of teepees, giggling with friends and altogether enjoying every minute of it.

“It was so magical looking at them having that experience,” Gail Beaudry said. “It would’ve been the same
expression if they were at…

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