Antonio Luis Aguilera was arrested in the Operation Titella that investigates a plot of scams to banks and individuals for about 85 million euros according to the Prosecutor’s Office. This investigated also maintains that he was the right hand of Jose Luis Morenor until October 25, 2018, at which time he entered prison, in Soto del Real, for another matter that he had pending with the Justice. Aguilera tells OKDIARIO his version of the plot that ended in the National Court with 50 detainees and dozens of searches in Moreno’s companies.

This Catalan, Madrid and Levantine nightlife businessman explains that among his functions, within the plot, there was also that of attract investors individuals. The investigated obtained funds from people with whom he maintained a friendly relationship so that they could invest money in the businesses of José Luis Moreno.

The promise was that the ventriloquist would return the amount…

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