LOS ANGELES — It was never Meah Burstein’s plan to move into her parents’ guest house.

The 26-year-old was enjoying living in downtown Los Angeles with her fiancé, 28-year-old Lenard Gorokhov, far away from the suburbs of Woodland Hills where she grew up. But then COVID-19 hit, and all the things that made living downtown enjoyable suddenly disappeared.

What You Need To Know

  • Housing prices around the U.S. have increased by 15.7% in the past year
  • Millennials are the fastest growing group of people entering the property market, according to Core Logic
  • The average cost of a house in LA County is over $700,000
  • Real estate agent Kevin Stewart says that most people he works with are putting in over 10 offers before securing a property

“We made the call in October of 2020 to move back here,” Burstein said.

They set up home into a one-bedroom guest house above the Burstein family garage.

“We’re in a very blessed…

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